MOLE2 est. delivery date?

Thread: MOLE2 est. delivery date?

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    MOLE2 est. delivery date?

    Anyone else besides me are twiddling their thumbs to wait for the call for the MOLE2? I see that the current delivery date for the regular MO if ordered today is late November09.

    Would the call for the MOLE2 come in early or late October as estimated? Any guesses?

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    Re: MOLE2 est. delivery date?

    I think they're going to come out on schedule. I ordered my Ikarus in June, and it arrived in early September, a few weeks early. An email from Stowa indicated the MOLE IIs were right on time, and should be delivered late October - early November.

    To say I'm eager is an understatement: I've recently started paring my collection to make room for the new arrival!

    James Partridge

    On the wrist today: D. Dornblueth & Sohn 99.8

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    Re: MOLE2 est. delivery date?

    Check out post #23 in this thread:

    Re: MO Limited - official side launched from STOWA
    Hello everybody,

    we think that we can deliver all MO Limited watches in October and at least in November.

    We are now going to have more prodution capazity. .-)

    Best regards

    Jörg Schauer
    I'm looking forward to it as well.

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    Re: MOLE2 est. delivery date?

    Very much looking forward to the pics threads once these arrive! I have to live vicariously.

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