Movement 7001 – grade differences ???

Thread: Movement 7001 – grade differences ???

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    Movement 7001 – grade differences ???

    Movements often come in few flavours. It is important to know what you're getting… The five ETA flavours are: Economique, Standard, Elaboré, Top and Chronomčtre. Components are usually different to e.g. balance, balance spring, shock mounting etc.
    I am very interested which one is used by Stowa in Antea KS ? Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Movement 7001 – grade differences ???

    According to the technical documentation available at the ETA Homepage the 7001 is only available in the Top Version.
    (however at the end you might get everything from them you're willing to pay for...)
    Range: Mecaline Spécialités or 7001 in the Caliber field

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