My first Stowa - Airman Ohne Logo COSC

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    My first Stowa - Airman Ohne Logo COSC

    This has been a journey of over six months now, starting off when one of my friends told me that I needed a better watch than my Adidas chrono when meeting clients and networking given my status. He convinced me into buying the Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques LC1098. A very nice watch but wasn't a "me" watch.

    I've a background in engineering and have been interested in aviation for years now, especially WWII german aviation. I started to look around for other watches and found the Stowa brand eventually after a posting of the MO on another forum. I saw the Airman and was in love, although unsure of whether to get the logo or non-logo, after much conversation with Regine (Who has been very patient with me), I settled with the Airman Ohne Logo COSC.

    This is very much a "me" watch and will be accompanied by the MO next year as the Luftwaffe and Kreigsmarine have been part of where I come from in Scotland and it just feels right to get both for my collecition.

    Anyway, enough waffling, I present my Airman Ohne Logo with COSC movement, unriveted strap and brushed deployant. It's currently running at +3sec per day, but I'm sure will settle down.

    Thanks to all who posted in the past and during this year as you have all helped me get this amazing watch! :thanks
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    Re: My first Stowa - Airman Ohne Logo COSC

    Quote Originally Posted by bydandie View Post
    It's currently running at +3sec per day, but I'm sure will settle down.


    Congratulations to your new watch, wear it always in good health.
    +3 second/day is an exceptional performance of the movement.
    I guess you'd rather wish that it stays this way....

    Regards, Omar

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