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    My Watch Has Arrived

    I have been waiting for a Stowa for over a year now (I was on the original FO waiting list), so it seems a little strange that it's only 2 days ago that I finally received my first Stowa.

    Now of course it's not a FO... but a model that I have yet to see any posting... so may I have the honour to post the first real-life photos of... MO black-dial w/ roman numerials.

    Why roman numerials? Shouldn't a MO w/ arabic numerials be the more "approriate" choice?

    Well at the time I was under the false hope that I would be getting the FO pretty soon, and therefore wanted something that look a little different. Plus I also have a couple of watches with arabic numerials but none with
    roman, and so I took a leap of faith and place my order.

    I can now happily announce that I am very happy with my decision: the watch looks amazing in real-life. The roman numerials are nicely done on the dial, and give the watch a different kind of character... elegant, but yet masculine. I have owned quite a number of wristwatches and I can tell you this beauty is on par with other watches 3 or 4 times the price.

    The only complaint I have is the deployment buckle. It feels flimsy and not up to the standard of the rest of that watch... well maybe I shouldn't complain if I consider the price. It's just that the watch itself is so
    surprisingly good that the buckle is a let down in comparison.

    Well I hope you enjoy the photos and I apologize that I'm no master in photography...

    - Alan
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    Re: My Watch Has Arrived

    Great pictures, and congratulations on the new watch.

    I am also slowly learning more about this brand.

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    Re: My Watch Has Arrived

    Congratulations! The MO is a great watch in either guise. Don't worry about the deployment buckle, it's fine and works pretty good (I have no problems with it).


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    Re: My Watch Has Arrived

    First off congrats on the MO Roman! I too find the arabics to be more "historically correct" but the Roman for me looks better. I ended up getting the MO LE2. I know for sure in the back of my mind I always yearn for a MO Roman.

    Great purchase!

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    Re: My Watch Has Arrived

    congrats... luvin the black dial
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    Re: My Watch Has Arrived

    Very nice, congrats!
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    Re: My Watch Has Arrived


    nice to see another black MO. I personally favor the arabic one, but that`s simply a matter of taste.

    I really like the black strap.

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    Re: My Watch Has Arrived

    Congrats on your Stowa. Enjoy it

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    Re: My Watch Has Arrived

    Beautiful watch. Thanks for the images. Wear it well, always.


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    Re: My Watch Has Arrived

    Well done! It's good to see some real-world pics of the black MO with roms. Classy, and will wear a little differently than the arabic dial i imagine. Big congrats and thanks for sharing.

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