New STOWA Logo. Official announcement. :-)
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Thread: New STOWA Logo. Official announcement. :-)

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    New STOWA Logo. Official announcement. :-)

    Hello everybody,

    for a few weeks we now have a new Logo.

    This Logo was already used for 2 - 3 watches (Antea 390 with A 10 movement and 24 H Racing Countdown and GMT Worldtimer watch)
    and in our communication (Facebook, Onlineshop,...)

    Of course we will add this new Logo step by step to all watch models.

    But this procedure will need appr. 6 - 12 months.

    Watches being already ordered and confirmed will of course be delivered with the old logo.

    The time and procedure to change all watches is a hard way, but we have to do it without exception.

    Changing the logo is never easy, but there are reasons for it and now we have to do it

    The new Logo was suggested by Hartmut Esslinger, founder of frog design
    (one of the most famous industrial designers in the last 40 years).

    The procedure will be like this:
    1 - all ordered watches with the old Logo will be delivered with the old Logo

    2 - if we show a watch in the shop with new Logo it is only possible to have it with the new one

    3 - if you want to have the new Logo, you have to cancel your order and wait until the new model with the new Logo is available (Maybe this needs a long time - yet we can't say when it will be, also the movement we use and prices can change - it depends on the supplier situation.)

    The Onlineshop is always up to date, so please have a look at the models before you order.

    You will receive exactly what you have ordered

    This is the easiest way to do it.

    Right now we can't exactly determine the date all modells will be available with the new Logo.
    This depends on the orderquantitie and the suppliers possibilities and the movement situation.

    Different reasons cause this situation:
    1 - at the moment we have no possibility to know which and how many movements we will get
    from ETA and other suppliers in 2014 .
    (We already have ideas and wishes but no confirmations from movementsuppliers.)

    2 - we don't know exactly how long we have to work with the old Logo dials we have in stock, this depends
    of course on how much our customers will order. (For each single watch this will be different!)

    3 - we already have long term orders for dials under way and we have to wait which dials could be changed to the new logo.
    This also depends on our suppliers.

    So, please always have a look in the Onlineshop to be updated.

    We will also inform you via newsletter, please sign in at our Onlineshop.

    If you have a watch in progress you will get it with the old Logo like you ordered it.
    If you want to have the new Logo please cancel your existing order by mail and wait a few months till we launch step by step the new Logo version of your watch.

    (Please be advised again that we have no precise informations which movement and which price we have to demand for the new Logo version of your dreamwatch.)

    I know that now the discussions are starting: Which is better? old or new?

    My feelings are torn between as well.

    Of course the new one is the future, but i also respect the old one.

    The design of the STOWA watches are clear and unique and the quality is really good.

    If you decide to keep the old Logo order existing or to change it into the new one this is up to you:

    It is a small change on the dial, a lot of people only see it at second glance.

    I love my "old" Logo watches.

    And I will love my new ones as well because I try to keep STOWA's design-language which always should be clear and easy.

    One critical point maybe is the increasing price for future new models.

    For some of them we have to use the new Soprod A10 movement which is much more expensive than the ETA 2824-2 movement.

    But we have to change more models to the A10 movements as ETA is not supplying the quantitie of 2824-2 we need.

    So if I should decide I would keep my existing order with the old Logo dial and wait what's coming up in the future.
    (Of course this is the best guarantee to get exactly the watch you have chosen for exactly the price you have planned.)

    And this, and we always want to tell the truth, is the best and easiest way to keep the confusion as small as possible for us as a producer as well

    But you as clients are always the base and mostly important for our business model and if you want to have the new Logo on your existing order you can cancel easily by mail and we confirm ASAP.**

    Best regards

    Jörg Schauer

    ** Maybe it can be possible in the future to change the old Logo dial during a service into the new Logo dial, this is always worth a question or discussion. We will make offers for this.(at least when we know exactly which dials fit the actual model) But please be advised that this only makes sense during a normal service or repair in which the watch has to be disassembled completely. Making it outside a normal service is too expensive.
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    Re: New STOWA Logo. Official announcement. :-)

    There will certainly be a lot of discussion about this--I'll go ahead and jump in. I think incorporating the stylized W logo into the dial is good, though I much prefer the look of the STOWA script in the old logo. The A10 seems to be a great alternative to the ETA--one that I would have gladly paid more for, so I for one would not balk at a small price bump due to the movement change.

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    Re: New STOWA Logo. Official announcement. :-)

    Hi Jorg

    Thanks for the informative post, as always! The new logo is pretty neat I'd say but... the heritage of Stowa lies in the old logo with the bigger and curvy S. It's thoughtful of you guys to allow people to change dials in the future when their watch gets serviced but until then, I think I'd be more satisfied with the old Logo on my flieger.

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    Re: New STOWA Logo. Official announcement. :-)

    I think the new logo will match the aesthetic of the sportier watches much better (testaf, prodiver, etc) than it will the more clasic design of the antea. Sporty or dressy though, the new logo would never deter me from getting another Stowa.

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    Re: New STOWA Logo. Official announcement. :-)

    I like the big curvy S.

    This might be a good compromise on a dial (from eliz's signature):

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    Re: New STOWA Logo. Official announcement. :-)

    The old script/logo was incredibly good, as it aged extremely well. Sad to see it go.

    Thank you for all the information, Jörg! It is nice to see you so close to your clients/fans!
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    Re: New STOWA Logo. Official announcement. :-)

    I don't mind the combining of the two existing historic logos. However, One doesn't see BMW, Porsche, MB Changing their corporate logos just because they figured it was time for a change. Changing logos "just for the sake of change" is not really a good reason for making said change. Especially when a design "guru" whom makes money from such a change suggests the change. I see that as a conflict of interest. It is Stowa that will loose if "Frog" is wrong for changing Stowa's logo even though Stowa is wildly popular and can't even meet demand for their products. Frog and Herr Esslinger have nothing to loose. Most companies only re-brand with a new logo after having closed, Gone bankrupt. Then reopen with a new direction. Then it's appropriate to change. To me. It just dilutes the history of the brand. Just the same as Swatch "buying" the logo of Hamilton watch company then putting said logo on run of the mill mass produced Swiss watches. This will sound harsh. But. The only time Herr Esslinger should speak and make suggestions.(with all due respect to him) Is when he is "hired" to make suggestions. And even then he is not infallible. The German people and the old companies of Germany pride themselves on tradition. Don't throw part of that tradition out the window.
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    Never change a winning Logo?

    Stowa has a new logo.
    I'm fascinated by Stowa watches, and I'll be fascinated by them in the future, too.
    What Jörg Schauer probably hoped now to change the logo is not understandable for me.
    It would have been understandable for me if it had happened, when Jörg Schauer has taken over the company Stowa to underline the start of the new era.
    But now- why?
    You read in the descriptions of the Stowa watches of reduction to the essentials (for example, no seconds hand, or the words "Made in Germany" not on dial) .
    And now You find the modified Stowa logo printed on the dial of a Stowa Antea 390...
    What is the sence of the destruction of the old logo, which was telling a big history?
    I do not understand.
    Among other things, the reason why I had then decided against buying a Nomos Tangomat was the subtle, beautiful and tidier design of the Stowa Antea dial.
    Now it's history.
    I love my Stowa Antea with "old logo" and I have to accept in the future the new Stowa logo on my next Stowa watch...

    Excuse my english is not perfect...

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    Re: New STOWA Logo. Official announcement. :-)

    I'm very disappointed by this, one of the things I like about Stowa is how true and respectful you are to your history. Most of your models are updated versions of previous Stowa models and the historical element really appeals to me. I could just about handle a change to the logo like maybe the font, but the slanted "S" should stay.

    All in all this is a change I'm not very happy with, I really feel disappointed by Stowa here.
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    Re: New STOWA Logo. Official announcement. :-)

    I'm a bit surprised to. If you like mechanical watches you'll probably like the history of certain brands. That history is partly incorporated in a logo that has served the brand so well for such a long period of time. I really like that beautifully curved stowa S. I'm sad as well to see it go and I don't see a good reason to do so.

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