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    Old Stowa Seatime Info

    Hi guys

    I'm just about to pick up an old Stowa Seatime with the automatic PUW caliber 1360 movement. Can anyone tell me anything about this movement and the probable age of this watch?

    Any help you can give is gratefully received.


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    Re: Old Stowa Seatime Info

    Hi -

    Take a look at the watchmaking forum, particularly at the thread you can see here:


    where I am in the process of taking apart the PUW 1360 and rebuilding a junker for my wife.

    The movement is a very solid 1960s technology. The movement was produced from 1963 to 1969. The 1361 is the version with date. That would place the watch within that time frame, possibly a year or two later as the movements crawl through the supply chain.

    Check out:


    for more detailed information (only in German, I'm afraid).

    Having taken one apart, it's a very solid caliber whose automatic winding mechanism is a tad complex. There's a washer under one of the winding wheels that is gonna be a tad difficult to get back in if I'm not really careful. It's a robust movement: the escapement and the escapement wheel were under an escapement bridge, if that means anything to you (it means that some of the most delicate parts of the watch have an additional piece that is intended to keep them where they are supposed to be).

    My watch was bought on eBay and was sloppily oiled and needed a new seconds hand. It's my first rebuild (after a watchmaking course) and I'm waiting for some oils and an oiler from the watchmaker I took the course from. I will be posting pictures when I clean it (might even get around to that this weekend) and then when I put it all back together.

    And I've even videoed my taking it further apart, but it's a DV tape and would take me, even at 6 MB/s (my DSL bandwidth), around 2 days to upload!

    Do you know when the watch was last serviced? Any competent watchmaker should be able to disassemble, clean and reassemble without too much trouble, since this is a very robust and standard caliber that was built in fairly large volume...

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    Re: Old Stowa Seatime Info

    I hope it is not that watch ?

    Watch is in very bad condition, scratches on case, bezel, mineral and back. Bezel doesn´t move any more. And....the watch isn´t marked as a Seatime.

    With luck you´ll be able to find better ones like this one:

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    Re: Old Stowa Seatime Info

    Thanks guys.

    John great info. What a project!!!B-)


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