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    Question opinions on custom ProDiver

    I'll be considering purchase of a ProDiver next year. However, I'm not comfortable with the standard dial. Would substitution of a blue Seatime dial with retention of the ProDiver hands (two in orange) and bezel be a reasonable aesthetic combination? Sort of a Stowa caribbean. This is all apart from whether or not Stowa can accommodate such a request.

    It's enormously helpful to be able to bounce ideas like this off the real pros here on the forum. Thanks.

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    Re: opinions on custom ProDiver

    Quote Originally Posted by thodgins
    Joerg has done a few requests. Before the Prodiver came out, Joerg was taking requests for custom dials. He had a whole palate of colors you could choose from.

    I have seen a white dial Prodiver and a gorgeous blue dial as well. I would email him via the Stowa website and ask. He is very accommadating and quick with his replies.
    Well, I'll do that of course. It's the design of the ProDiver dial that bothers me, so the other colors originally offered wouldn't solve my problem. I have a Seatime, and I very much like the dial design.

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    Re: opinions on custom ProDiver


    I think Joerg could do that for you, that could be really nice.

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    Re: opinions on custom ProDiver

    I am going to repost what I should have said..LOL.:-D

    I think the blue Seatime dial, especially with the numerals, would look great with the Prodiver bezel and hands. I say ask and go for it.
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