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    In Praise of Jörg

    I think we need to lighten things up here a bit.....

    Stowa has been through a rough three months and all of us obsessives who hang out here should stop obsessing for a second and just say:


    Jörg's good humor, hard work, and optimism toward this wonderful business is infectious -- around my house at least -- and Stowa's handling of the supply crisis should be a case study in business schools.

    (In fact, the only criticism that could be made is that they were perhaps a little TOO optimistic...)

    I look forward to wearing my MOLE II in October, November, December, whenever.....

    If you agree with my sentiments here, pile on, please.

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    Re: In Praise of Jörg

    +1 :thanks

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    Re: In Praise of Jörg

    Well said!

    There are many, many brands out there, but how many offer such a focussed and beautifully realised product line at such a reasonable price? And how many of these would give you the opportunity to discuss your needs personally with the owner?

    Demand is currently outstripping the speed of manufacture, but I think its short sighted of us to demand quicker times if it means Jorg cutting corners in quality or taking undue risks in expanding the business.

    It took me 10 years in the working world to get to the position where I considered myself able to afford such luxuries as my first Rolex (though I did wait to pay off my mortgage first 8o) ), so a few months of waiting is nothing to me.

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    Re: In Praise of Jörg

    Jorg is the man for sure. Being a successful small business owner is tough. Tougher even now, so a thank you was a great idea and certainly well deserved.

    So thanks Jorg for taking pride in your product and giving us the opportunity to own your great watches as reasonable prices. :thanks
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    Re: In Praise of Jörg

    Quote Originally Posted by scm64 View Post
    Jorg is the man for sure. Being a successful small business owner is tough. Tougher even now, so a thank you was a great idea and certainly well deserved.

    So thanks Jorg for taking pride in your product and giving us the opportunity to own your great watches as reasonable prices. :thanks
    I would certainly agree with all that has been said, and I look forward to many years of anxious anticipation of future releases of some very wonderful watches by Jorg.

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    Re: In Praise of Jörg

    Totally agreed - seems to me the situation is being aptly handled, given the circumstances.

    Well done.

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    Re: In Praise of Jörg

    I have full confidence in Jorg & Stowa
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    Re: In Praise of Jörg

    Hello to Everybody,

    My understanding of the current situation is as follows:

    IMHO Stowa right now is in the middle of a transitional period that can be best labeled as critical growth threshold. Taking a practically one-man-headed, small-sized company to the next level of success may involve the simultaneous improvement of numerous factors: production capacity optimization, product line diversification, supplier management, quality assurance etc.

    The transition of a company always requires sound decisions as to the appropriate proportion of changes, where a number of questions are inevitably raised: Should the owner take a step back from production and more intensively focus on the management side instead? Should manufacture be shifted towards mass production? What about pricing, delivery times, product line expansion, marketing, human resources? Everything is in motion, which makes a company vulnerable to external influences, too (like this very sad and unfortunate case with this supplier). Now, that is the challenge Jörg and Stowa are coping currently with.

    The very person of Jörg Schauer – and his direct involvement – has been a major appeal for me for deciding on Stowa. I hope this will stay unchanged, even at the cost of extended delivery times.

    Having also gone through the waiting process, I can at the same time fully understand the frustration of those waiting for the FO (this watch is just out of this world!) – and still uncertain if they will get their watches at all. I hope this situation will be settled in an appropriate manner, and the FO will permanently be included in the product line. I will not miss it the next time!

    To cut and long story short, I am sure Jörg and his team will get this situation under control - to the happiness and satisfaction of all enthusiasts of their great watches. Full confidence on my behalf, no question about it.

    Thanks for reading & regards,

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    Re: In Praise of Jörg

    Tulkinghorn, right on!

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    Re: In Praise of Jörg

    Hear, hear! And three cheers for a great guy and a brave, durable business.

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