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    Hello, i'm Arturo from Genova, Italy.

    I really like the Airman and i'm thinking about buying.

    Sorry for my english.

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    Re: Presentation

    Hello Arturo, your English is better than my Italian. Buy the Airman you won't be disappointed. It's one of my favorite watches, a precise little machine/work of art, I love mine. And, no I do not work for Stowa. But if they ever need a sales rep, I'm their man!
    I love Italy,my father was born in Trieste when it was part of Austria. Visited Italy a lot since I was a kid, I was in Italy this summer, had a great time. Always treated well by Italians. Hope to visit again.
    Ciao, Dr. Robert

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    Re: Presentation

    Welcome, Arturo, well said Dr. Robert, my Italian is inexistent too, so your English rocks....
    Well, Stowa, I started with Antea Creme, Seatime Blue, MO, Prodicer Limette and "ended" with a bay LE take care, it is contagious ;)
    C3SSK, C4SST, C5AKK, C5AWT, C6LE5,
    Stowa Antea Creme, Stowa Seatime Blue, STOWA PRODIVER LIMETTE, Stowa MO arabic/brushed, Stowa Antea Black, Stowa Seatime Black, Stowa Flieger LE 2801 - 45/100; JS Watch-Islandus45, Aristo Sextant; Dievas Divergraph; Vostok Europe Diver GMT; Seiko Diver; Nautica; Tissot SevenStar; ZentRa

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    Re: Presentation

    Benvenuto a Watchuseek Arturo.
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    Re: Presentation

    Ciao Arturo!

    Benvenuto a Watchuseek! Purtroppo sento che ci sia bisogno di un'avvertenza. Appena abbi comprato il primo orologio della Stowa sarai perduto senza speranza di salvamento. Io per esempio ho cominciato con l'Airman, dopo ho avuto l'Antea ed adesso aspetto ancora un altro Airman (il LE). Questo non ha fine!

    Benvenuto e salutoni da Stoccolma!


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