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    Pro Diver Regulation Question

    Hi everyone. I have a question regarding my Pro Diver. When I sent it to Stowa to be regulated, it was running about 2 seconds plus per day. Lately in the last week or so , it has gone to about 10 seconds fast per day. Do you think that it would have to do with the extremely cold temperatures over the past week or should I be putting it in a different position when I take it off and go to sleep. Normally, I put it in the crown up position as I thought that would slow it down. Any thoughts. My watch has the chronometer movement also. Thanks stephen

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    Re: Pro Diver Regulation Question

    I would wait for a while, even if it's a COSC watch, the way you use it, and the duration of use besides many other circumstances might alter its accuracy.
    Even short exposition with magnetic field can make it run faster, which is a temporary problem that solves itself in weeks usually. Until that time, you can try to put it down with the crown upwards by night.

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