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    Problem solved!!!

    After 3 months, finally, I reveived my Antea KS yersterday and hopefully Airman Automatic will come to me soon. There's no doubt it's really a fantistic watch. Since there are quite a lot good feedbacks here about this model, I would not say anything more but share something special with you guys.

    You can visit for some background information.

    1. After communicationg with Fedex China and Joerg, Fedex China was asked to deliverd the previous parcel back to STOWA factory. As I agreed with Joerg, once they received the parcel, they would put the 2 watches into 2 seperate parcels and sent to me again. But after 2 weeks, the customs still hadn't release the parcel. Of course, I contacted Viveca several times during this period but there was still no good news about the release of the parcel from the customs. In order not to keep me wait for too long, Viveca offered to send me another 2 watches as the replacement. I was really moved at time at this information. You know although they would get the parcel with 2 watches back sooner or later, there were still some risks. Futhermore, the 2 parcels were sent out immediately without any additional surcharge. How nice they are and what proffesional services they offered!!! It's amazing!!! There's no words to express my feeling at the moment now but deliver my thanks from deep of my heart to Joerg, to Viveca and to all of the STOWA staff!!!

    2. Useful advice to those potential owners of STOWA from mainland China in the future:
    - Don't order 2 watches at them same time. At least, don't ask to put them in the same parcel. Otherwise ,the China Customs will block them for sure unless you have some special relation with those who work there. (As far as I know throuth a hot watch forum in China, there's a guy in mainland China who know some officals working there well. He usually ordered 5 pcs min. from STOWA and resell them in mainland China. Since he doesn't need to pay for the tax, and that part become his margin afterwards)
    - Don't ask STOWA to put small price in the claiming documets since STOWA is a good example who strictly follow the rules. If you don't to want to pay the high tax, pls try to get your watch via Hongkong

    By the way, I think the forum here is the place where we STOWA fans can share not only good experices but also some special ones. Since we all love STOWA, this is the only reason we come here. Good experiences are to delight the people here and the special experices will be useful as well.
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    Re: Problem solved!!!

    Great to hear you finaly recieved at least one of your ordered Stowa watches

    Keep the photos coming
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    Re: Problem solved!!!

    Good to hear you soleved the problem. Another proof of outstanding customer service. Kudos to Jörg an his team.

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