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    I have read debates back and forth about the greatest dive watch made...i really do not know if i can weigh in on it but i have owned a few pieces of the touted pieces has always been (couple of years at least) the PRS-2 Dread, the other the seiko MM...I have owned neither...but have tracked the pricing on them over the past few years...Eddie's creation from my estimates tripled in price on the used market...the MM stays pretty constant between the new price and the used price...not much drop...both, maybe the dread more so, have a cult following...

    I picked up a Prodiver yesterday...i am completely sold and believe that this piece should have the same impact as the dread...i stare the the joinery between the case and the bracelet in awe...the bracelet is awsome and balances the head perfectly...i stare at it and wonder if it is a little long for my wrist but that is personal...

    thanks jorge for producing such a great piece...

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    Glad you like it

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