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    A public thank to Stowa

    Hi all,
    I want to share with you another example of great customer care from Stowa; after having received my FO LE, I noticed that the crown was, in closed position, a bit too far from the case for my expectations.

    So I contacted Viveca and she organized to pick up the watch, via FedEx, to fix this issue and to send again the watch, perfect and beautiful, again via FedEx. Everything at no cost.

    I would like to know how many other watch companies are willing to do that !

    Thanks again to all the Stowa team !



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    Re: A public thank to Stowa

    Thanks for sharing your FO LE story. You have given us confidence in Stowa again not only for their high quality in every each aspect of their watches but for the most important area of the sale - aftersale and customer service. I have not dealt with any other watches company other than Stowa that has such a great reputation and action in aftersale and customer service. It's a great company. Among all, you've got yourself to talk with a person and worked with her - by her first name. You can't get to anywhere else.

    To answer your inquiry, none.

    Thanks again. Stowa and Herr Schauer and his team.

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    Re: A public thank to Stowa

    no doubt... they have excellent customer service and they prove it day after day

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