Pulled the....waiting-list-trigger:)

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    Pulled the....waiting-list-trigger:)

    Well, I've been lurking around here away from my humble G-shock and Suunto forums for a while now. I've admired Stowa ever since I stumbled on them here and especially the Airman. So, as I'll be finishing up my PhD this year, I thought I'd treat myself to a nice watch. Actually, that was always my plan, but I had an Omega PO in mind at first. Long story short, I've placed myself on the waiting list for the Airman Original Serial watch. I'm pretty psyched, and now certainly have to finish my dissertation, and pass the defense too.

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    Re: Pulled the....waiting-list-trigger:)

    Good for you. I think you will be very happy with your selection. It is a terrific watch. Stephen

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