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    purchasing from manufactum.de

    Has anyone outside of Germany attempted to buy from manufactum.de? The Partitio looks amazing, like the Exima before it, but I've only ever taken a halfway swipe at trying to buy. It looks like the international manufactum sites do not carry the Stowa watches, and my high-school German ability isn't letting me determine if the German manufactum site can be used for international purchases. Has anyone given this a shot in the past?



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    Re: purchasing from manufactum.de

    They have some RAD stuff on that site. Whoever buys for them has very good taste, that is for sure. As soon as my bank account recovers from my MO I think I will be picking up some fun stuff from manufactum, in particular they have a pretty cool wall clock. Hopefully the new model will be available direct through Stowa for those outside the EU.
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    Re: purchasing from manufactum.de

    Go to their "international site" at www.manufactum.com, there´s also a contact link. Should be possible to send them a mail to get things started.

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