Question re: Partitio/handwinding movements
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Thread: Question re: Partitio/handwinding movements

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    Question re: Partitio/handwinding movements

    Hi all,

    Very new here but already finding the WUS content/community first rate!

    I'm planning to purchase my first 'real' watch in the near future, and I've zeroed in on the Partitio white dial, handwinding.

    I've owned multiple cheap Timex's and a Sturhling automatic, but never really ventured further until now. Stowa seems like a fantastic company and like many here I've been impressed with their customer service. Really counts for a lot when considering a significant purchase like this.

    My question, admittedly a silly one, is this: other than daily winding (which I imagine is fairly straightforward), are handwinding movements more work in terms of maintenance/upkeep? And how well do they keep time vs. an automatic?

    Any additional feedback/testimonials on the ETA 2804 contained in the Partitio also greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Question re: Partitio/handwinding movements

    ETA as far as I'm concerned makes reference movements. Other companies often copy ETA's base designs when designing their calibers or even simply modifying their base calibers with modules.

    As for timekeeping the only difference between two otherwise identical models is how the winding mechanism is designed. An automatic movement often has a handwinding gear as well as the rotor and clutch the wind automatically. On some movements, the handwinding gear works are much weaker than others. I am not sure which calibers ETA makes that have these reports but I do believe it is their 28xx movements. That's why you'll see some users caution others to only hand wind an automatic movement enough to start the watch enough to set it and not fully wind it that way.

    Functionally you'll just want to know if you want to wind it in the morning or not. Personally, I enjoy winding watches and find it like a bonding experience with my watch. It's kind of like taking a lover in a strange way, but when you wind a watch everyday you can tell more easily when the movement isn't feeling well because you have direct physical contact with the movement works every morning.

    It's also fun to show other non-watch people through a crystal caseback how it works as they can see the gears turn with the crown.

    On a lot of levels it's personal preference but if it were my Partitio, it would be handwinding with a display caseback.

    I would fully encourage you to buy Stowa, their reputation precedes them for good reason.

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    Re: Question re: Partitio/handwinding movements

    I just got my first handwind (40mm Flieger) from Stowa and like JacobC really enjoy the totally manual experience. Given the price, the build quality is superb. Since it's in a rotation of several watches I wear it perhaps every 10 to 15 days for an entire day. My example runs +2-5 seconds/day with about 25 winds to get it going and running for 24-30 hours.

    You will be very pleased with whatever model you choose IMHO.
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    Re: Question re: Partitio/handwinding movements


    I have a black Partitio with the hand winding movement. I can't answer your question about maintenance because I haven't had to do it yet. However, I'm pretty impressed with its accuracy. My example seems to gain about 2 seconds per day. And, as you and others have mentioned, customer service is great. Anytime I've ever had a question about either of my two Stowa watches, the response has been fast. With Stowa, you feel much more directly connected to an individual than with other companies that seem to hide behind a general "contact us" address. I opened a thread with some thoughts about my Partitio several months ago. Here's the link if you're interested:

    For what it's worth; several months on, I have no regrets about purchasing this watch. For me, it's perfectly sized and execution of the details still impresses me each time I wear it.
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    Re: Question re: Partitio/handwinding movements

    I own the white Partitio handwind and am a very big fan. It’s a very well made watch and Stowa gives excellent VFM. I recommend getting the red second hand model. Adds just the right amount of color and spice to the watch. I haven’t timed the watch, but the ETA movement is a quality movement and it’s great fun to watch through the display case as you wind it.

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