Raffle "Flieger Original": Here is the winner! :-)

Thread: Raffle "Flieger Original": Here is the winner! :-)

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    Raffle "Flieger Original": Here is the winner! :-)

    Hello everybody,

    like we promised we have chosen the winner of our raffle.

    The price is a Flieger Original watch which is worth Euro 990.-!

    The idea of the raffle was created to give all people who couldn't get a Flieger Original this time a chance to own this very popular watch.

    Of course only one could win, but I think we have shown that we are always willing to do our best to satisfy our worldwide STOWA customers

    Here are the steps we took to choose the winner:
    (which we think was a very fair modus)

    1 - Our apprentice Mrs.Plappert withdraw one of our reservation lists.
    (There have been more than 55! in a pot)

    2 - After that she told us a number she has chosen from 1 to 23!
    (each list has 23 listplaces)

    3 - Mrs.Plappert chose number 9

    The happy winner on listposition 9 is: James M.
    (after we have informed him we will ask if he is willing to announce his total name)

    We hope that Mr.James M. will be happy when he receive his watch in the next few months!

    We wish all of you a nice weekend.

    Best regards

    Your STOWA Team !

    We hope that all Flieger Original customers who have been on our list have already received their mail that they (1) can get a watch or that they (2) can´t get a watch. But we have heard that some customers did not receive these mails. For this reason we have sent today only text mails to be sure that everybody who was on the list received our mail.
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    Re: Raffle "Flieger Original": Here is the winner! :-)

    Congrats to the lucky winner!
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    Re: Raffle "Flieger Original": Here is the winner! :-)

    Congratulations, and thank you Stowa for doing this.
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    Re: Raffle "Flieger Original": Here is the winner! :-)

    Congratulations to the winner of the raffle.
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    Re: Raffle "Flieger Original": Here is the winner! :-)

    Very nice! Congratulations James M. I missed it by "this much" (I'm James P!) LOL

    James Partridge

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    Re: Raffle "Flieger Original": Here is the winner! :-)

    just curious were there any pre-cursors to enter the raffle? that's awesome that Stowa did this.....congrats to James P!

    how can I get in the raffle next time? :)

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    Re: Raffle "Flieger Original": Here is the winner! :-)

    Way to go James M!!

    Keep your eyes on the prize


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    Re: Raffle "Flieger Original": Here is the winner! :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by TimeZero View Post
    Very nice! Congratulations James M. I missed it by "this much" (I'm James P!) LOL

    James, you have very good substitute on your hand, for the time being!

    Congrats to the lucky winner!

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    Re: Raffle "Flieger Original": Here is the winner! :-)

    What a class act it was for Stowa to raffle off this watch!
    I am sure they will have a fine replacement for the airman in the coming year.

    We are all lucky to have such a fine watchmaker, whose watches we can afford to wear...
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    Re: Raffle "Flieger Original": Here is the winner! :-)

    WOW!!! What a gesture by Stowa

    How can I be included in the next raffle?!?!?!?!?:thanks

    Congrats to the winner!!!!!


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