The REAL MUSEUM - first pictures!

Thread: The REAL MUSEUM - first pictures!

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    The REAL MUSEUM - first pictures!

    Hello everybody,

    today i want to publish the first official pictures of the real STOWA Museum which is part of our new building.

    I was planing to report about the museum later but the last days and some threads .-) have pushed me to show you what we have done in the last months (a part of this- the full buildng pictures will be publsihed later because we have not already finsihed with the outside though).

    Last Friday we had the hand out of the award for the winners of our museum contest.

    We had a contest with more than 30 people or teams who joined.

    The picture with the winner (two students from the Westsächsische Hochschule) I have also attached.

    Please enjoy and visit us whenever you want!

    Best regards

    Jörg Schauer

    The "Installation" was realized particulary a week before basel (because i have had 4 japanese press teams visiting me) and the rest in the last 2 weeks.

    We have workes day and night and all my best friends helped me every evening till 2 or 3 a.m.

    But it was worth.
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    Re: The REAL MUSEUM - first pictures!

    Very nice, Jörg. Well done.

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    Re: The REAL MUSEUM - first pictures!

    WOW, that's something special... looks like a trip over to the mainland may be on the cards

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    Lightbulb Re: The REAL MUSEUM - first pictures!

    Looks really fantastic. Congratulations.

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    Re: The REAL MUSEUM - first pictures!

    Congrats Jörg !

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    Re: The REAL MUSEUM - first pictures!

    Looks like a terrific setup, congratulations Joerg! Maybe I will have to make a visit to Engelsbrand some time, maybe when my watch is ready.

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    Re: The REAL MUSEUM - first pictures!

    Wow, I love the modern look. Really interesting concept. Do you come up with this yourself? Really nice of your buddies to help out, nice to have good friends.

    Well done Jorg!!! Are all the watches vintage, or does it work like a history timeline to also include the current models and have room for future watch designs?

    Congrats! Can't wait to see the factory pics when you are done.
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    Re: The REAL MUSEUM - first pictures!

    Very nice
    You`re interested in stopwatches? Please visit

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    Re: The REAL MUSEUM - first pictures!


    Your friend is a giant.

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    Re: The REAL MUSEUM - first pictures!

    Very nice. Congratulations Joerg

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