Sandblasting at Stowa
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Thread: Sandblasting at Stowa

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    Sandblasting at Stowa

    Two pics showing how sand-blasting of the STOWA Flieger DIN titanium caseback is done at the STOWA factory

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    Re: Sandblasting at Stowa

    Certainly leaves a unique finish. Nice pix.

    I use a soda blaster for my car restoration hobby and it really works fantastic to strip out old finishes or create new ones.
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    Re: Sandblasting at Stowa

    Interesting, thanks for sharing, Mike.
    Somehow I assumed that the case would receive their finish, be it polished, blasted, prior to engraving.
    Not the case, as I've just learned. Might (still) be different with laser-engraving, which is not as deep.

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    Re: Sandblasting at Stowa

    Blasting will not disturb the engravings if they are deep. Very light engravings can be erased though. Much depends on the air pressure and how aggressive the media is too of course. Glass beads are fairly gentle whereas aluminum oxide is very sharp.
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