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    Seatime or Prodiver

    Hi Guys I am new to the Forum and have just discovered Stowa. I have been trying and failing to decide between a Black/Black Seatime and a Prodiver. I think the Prodiver is great but as I spend most of the week wearing a suit and business shirt does anyone think the Seatime would be more comfortable and therefore a more appropriate choice...or will I always wish I went for the Prodiver :-S

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    Re: Seatime or Prodiver

    Welcome to Watchuseek and welcome to the Jörg Schauer & Stowa Forum as well.

    I never tried to wear my Seatime with a suit/business shirt. Wouldn´t work with cuffs/cuff links imho `cause the watch simply is to big.

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    Re: Seatime or Prodiver

    Hi -

    Just had the opportunity to try both on: they are, basically, the same sized.

    And much too large for wearing with business attire, unless you roll up your sleeves all the time.

    Both were on a very short list for me, but are simply too large for my relatively small wrist (roughly 6"). At the same opportunity that I had to try both on, I also tried on a Breilting Cosmonaut 24-hour dial, and that went much better, since it sits much lower on the wrist. Also a Sinn 103 sat better for me.

    I can get away with a Poljot Shturmanskie at the office, or a Poljot Aviator I, as both fit (barely) under a dress shirt without cuffs. Then again, I wear a 17.5"x32 arm length shirt (usually Ralph Lauren) if that helps you to make the decision. It helps that the Lauren shirts are fairly loosely tailored.

    The alternative, of course, is to get tailored shirts that are cut more fully on the arm that you wear your watch on.

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