Seatime versus Sinn U1 (sinnu1)

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    Seatime versus Sinn U1 (sinnu1)

    Easy enough, but with the conditions:

    • Neither will likely ever be taken for more than a swim in the pool
    • Both will be worn mostly to the office (suit and tie)
    • I understand the slight price difference

    I have hesitations on both: the U1 hands aren't really the most attractive things out there, but the technology and the durability are so appealing.

    The Seatime (apparently) wears better or at least in more situations, but I'm unsure about it's appearance sneaking out under my shirtcuffs. (Is it serious enough? )

    Thanks for any insight

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    Honestly, neither of these is the right choice...

    Both of these are larger tool watches that aren't going to sit all that well under a shirt cuff. Since you'll be mostly wearing the watch in more formal business settings I'd recommend something dressier but with a screw down crown. An Omega Aqua Terra is perfect for your needs and can be had for very reasonable prices if you know what AD to go to.

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    Re: Honestly, neither of these is the right choice...

    Of the two, based on your criteria, the Stowa for sure. But a Omega PO would really meet all your criteria, and work better with dress shirts.

    Huge Sinn U1 and Stowa fan here, but for double duty....would have to be the Stowa. I think the price gap is wider than you indicate. Both are great watches.

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    Re: Honestly, neither of these is the right choice...

    Buy what ever you like, people don't care if your watch does not match your outfit. I've seen a guy dressed up in a suit wearing a digital timex. I think the problem you should worry about is whether it will fit under the cuff.

    Anyway, both are great watches. The U1 is alost double the price of the Seatime (here in the US anyway) thats the only thing I can think of. Also have you checked out the Prodiver? Same WR as the U1.
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    Re: Seatime versus Sinn U1 (sinnu1)

    Hi - I have a U1 and absolutely love it - but it is by no means a watch to wear with a shirt cuff - just too big and tall to be honest.

    Fine for the spring summer and short sleeves shirts/polo shirts - not so much wear during the winter has been my observation over the first year of ownership.

    I also have an Omega SMP and that fits fine as a lower profile means no cuff catching issues.

    Cerainly worth considering a lower profile watch (in terms of case height) for everyday smart attire...

    Just my 2 pence (Rule Britannia ha ha!!) worth....



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    Re: Seatime versus Sinn U1 (sinnu1)

    I am going to cast my vote for the seatime, or what i would suggest is go prodiver. (I have the later) I have worn the prodiver with a suit and shirts and it does just slide under my shirt. That being said I am a MAN! I work in an industry that is very toolish anyway so the big chunky watch that looks like some kind of gauge plays well.

    You know what works dude go for it!

    That being said I really like sinn and want a UX or Hydro but given the choice if I could only go one I would always pick my beloved prodiver!
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    Re: Seatime versus Sinn U1 (sinnu1)

    Both are great watches I've owned.
    I'd not let the Sinn's hands put you off.
    They're a bit odd and were an initial concern but I came to really like them and consider them a plus.
    I'd pick the Sinn for the tegimented bezel personally but for the money, there's no better diver than a Seatime.
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