A shout-out to our friends at Stowa!
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Thread: A shout-out to our friends at Stowa!

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    A shout-out to our friends at Stowa!

    As you may know, I managed to drop my Flieger Auto A-Dial on the floor when my deployant clasp malfunctioned a couple of weeks ago. I want to take a moment to explain how the process has worked so far, what I have learned along the way that could be helpful for others and to thank the Stowa team and especially Fanny for their help and flawless communications.

    Once I had determined the watch was "knackered" (meaning it was running erratically) and had received counsel from our forum member Bhanu to send it back to Stowa for repair/service, I got in touch with Fanny at Stowa. She competently provided me with instructions how to ship to them which I made happen via FEDEX a few days later (9/9/2016). Shipping via medium box and economy service cost ~$100.

    The watch was delivered to Stowa on the following Tuesday (9/13/16) and on 9/22, I received an authorization for the repairs which came out to be EXTREMELY reasonable as well as a quote on shipping. I authorized the repairs and charges the same day and was provided a work week during which the watch would be repaired and a separate work week when the watch would be shipped.

    All along, Fanny was in communication non-stop, which is especially impressive since she apparently manages to be responsible for over a thousand customer service requests at a time (and all by herself). On the one occasion when she did not immediately reply back, both she and a colleague immediately BOTH apologized for failing to send me an email (I was expecting none to begin with).

    All in all, the interaction with Stowa has been 100% pleasant, professional and impressive.

    The only issue worth reporting has nothing to do with Stowa. The German Customs authority assessed me VAT and customs in the amount of ~$115 on the declared value of the watch that I had labeled "REPAIR WATCH" according to Stowa's instructions multiple times. That was not accurate, but FEDEX had already debited my credit card and sent me an invoice. I simply called FEDEX, explained the circumstances and they reversed the charges and credited the $115 back to my card.

    Beware that if this happens to you, call the number on the invoice and they will transfer you to an agent at "customs and duties" who will straighten the issue out.

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    Re: A shout-out to our friends at Stowa!

    Glad to hear the customs issue got sorted out and hope the watch is back on your wrist in great shape soon.
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    Re: A shout-out to our friends at Stowa!

    They are a great company to work with. Always stand behind their products.
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