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    Show Me Your MO LE

    For all of us lucky 80, we have enjoyed our own MO LE for some time now. I wear mine - #46 - everyday for almost 16 hours or more. It is my favorite watch now (Sinn 856 and TAG are sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust.) I find out no matter how I look at my MO LE I am always smiling. It is so beautiful I simply cannot find words to describe it. I am only a watch maniac so I cannot be qualified to write a review about this fine piece of horology creation but I can capture its beauty, IMHO, at the best angle to show you how beautiful MY MO LE is.

    Of cause, for those of you who own this watch will definitely say: the picture simply doesn't do justice. Yes, I would agree with you 100%. But, I sincerely ask you this: Show me your MO LE. One picture that in your opinion best capture the beauty of YOUR MO LE. So that the rest of the fellow watch maniac, especially Stowa watches maniac, can share your joy with you. And, let us know where you live. Who knows, maybe the next MO LE owner may live closer than you think. You can have a local “MO LE MO LE” party too.

    I am in Denver, Colorado, USA and here is my MO LE. And thank you all for your time.

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    Re: Show Me Your MO LE

    Wow, that is an amazing photo of your MO LE. It looks like a butterscotch disc!

    Can't wait to see the others. I'm going to be settling for the regular MO soon.

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    Re: Show Me Your MO LE

    Here's mine #70...I have been wearing mostly for business meetings. Super nice watch. I had been lusting after the MO for some time, and when the MO LE hit pre-order status, I was in.

    No regrets.

    Florida, USA

    Sinn 103 St Sa LE
    Sinn 757 UTC
    Sinn U1
    Sinn 6100 Regulatuer
    IWC Aquatimer
    NOMOS Tangomat Datum
    Stowa Marine Original, 80th anniversary LE
    Stowa Seatime
    Doxa SUB750T Military Sharkhunter PVD
    Zinex Trimix GMT PVD LE Black Pirate
    Ocean 7 LM-2 GMT SE PVD
    Bathys Aquaculture MOP PVD
    Tissot TXL
    Seiko Kinetic Sportura SNL029P1 PVD
    Seiko Chronograph Sports 150
    Citizens Eco-Drive Calibre 8700 BL8000-03A
    Citizens Eco-Drive Largo Perpetual Calendar
    TX 730 w/ FlyBack Chrono
    Poljot Sturmanske Chrono
    Aristo Apucto HP6
    Casio ToughSolar ProTrek Titanium
    Various G's

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    Re: Show Me Your MO LE

    Here's # 66



    Doxa 600T #306
    Doxa Caribbean #57
    Glashutte Original Sport Evo Date
    IWC 3717-01
    IWC Ceramic Ingenieur
    Omega SpeedMaster Pro 3570.
    Omega SpeedMaster Broad Arrow
    Omega SpeedMaster Snoopy
    Stowa Airman Non-Logo Auto LE #69

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    Re: Show Me Your MO LE

    Here is mine, 74/80 in Singapore!

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    Re: Show Me Your MO LE

    Wow... they're so nice! I'm waiting for my regular MO!

    Dumb question, besides the red 12, what are the other differences between the LE and regular MO?

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    Picture #54/80

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