Some groovy new shoes for my 2801 LE.

Thread: Some groovy new shoes for my 2801 LE.

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    Some groovy new shoes for my 2801 LE.

    Liking the Stowa strap, but feeling a thicker one would also work, I ordered a Havana Brown strap with squared end and emerald green stitching from Richard at Toshi Straps. It arrived this week. After a little man-handling of it to soften it up, I put it on my Flieger. I think the dark brown goes very well, while the green stitching gives it a little 'cheek'. Anyway, here's some shots. Let me know what you think.

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    Re: Some groovy new shoes for my 2801 LE.

    what a beauty... i so need a nice strap for my 2801 soon

    she's been wearin the same one

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    Re: Some groovy new shoes for my 2801 LE.

    I went for the duller green:

    Richard does top drawer stuff at very competitive prices - I have a number of them and my Stowas don't appear on anything else. The oem straps are a weak link, me thinks, and do not do the watches justice. Good choice and enjoy
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    Re: Some groovy new shoes for my 2801 LE.

    I just put a Toshi strap on my U-1(matt black red stitching) I'm
    starting to REALLY want a Stowa airman date,as soon as the trigger gets
    pulled it"s getting a strap from rich.That Havana brown looks great.
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    Well, great work! You have helped me to improve my knowledge about this field. Thank you so much for sharing.

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