Stephen: my life-my hopes-my determination

Thread: Stephen: my life-my hopes-my determination

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    Stephen: my life-my hopes-my determination

    Well, I keep trying to find a job and it has been difficult. I have had a few telephone interviews and continue to apply for positions as well as try to expand my network of contacts. I have till April 30 and then I will be unemployed if I dont get a position by then. I am looking in the field of human resources and have been a Director of Human Resources for many years. Any assistance from anyone would be appreciated. My resume is in word and can easily be sent to any of you. My email is [email protected] and I am geographically flexible as I can move to another part of the country or another country. Anyway, here is one of the macro shots I took recently of my FO LE as I continue to work with the new lense my son got me. I am also trying to adjust as the woman I lived with for 2 years moved out within the last 3 weeks also so I have lost emotional support as well as financial support all at once.

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    Re: Stephen: my life-my hopes-my determination

    In times of stress and disorientation, if you are able to focus on anything...TAKE CARE of YOUR BODY.

    As for the Macro shot, use the maximum depth of field and see what happens. (smallest f-stop).


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    Re: Stephen: my life-my hopes-my determination

    sorry to hear about the bad news.... jobs in this economy are definitely harder to come by. if you were in canada, i would have been able to put you in touch with some people as my brother-in-law has many HR contacts. anyhow, beautiful watch and i'd love to get my hands on one if one ever becomes availalble


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