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    stowa airman

    i would like to buy a stowa airman with a unitas movement any comments on quality and accuracy. thank you, Maybry

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    Re: stowa airman

    First of all: Welcome to Watchuseek.
    Spotted your post on the wrong forum. Inqiries wase made to check a seller, not a brand. Here on the Official Jörg Schauer & Stowa forum you will find tons of information re Stowa Airman. So take your time and read some threads here; if there are questions left (which I doubt ) please don´t hesitate to ask them here.

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    Re: stowa airman

    I don't own a Stowa with a Unitas movement, so I have no personal experience. However, when I get a handwind, I will seriously consider the Stowa. I would have no hesitation about the quality, reliability, or accuracy, as all Stowa watches are meticulously made. Others here who do own these models can attest to this. Good luck in your search.

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    Re: stowa airman

    they are of outstanding quality. go for it. i have owned one for a month now.

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