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    Stowa airman date

    Hi there, Im happy owner of beautiful airman with date but just not to sure how to set the right date. I should not set th edate btw 8pm and 1am and now is the date changing always about afternoon. I know it sounds stupid but I need help pls:thanks

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    Re: Stowa airman date

    This is how I always set the date on all my watches:

    1. Quickset the date to the day BEFORE you want (i.e. today is the 11th so set the watch to the 10th).

    2. Now wind the time forward until the date clicks over to the next day (in thei example the 11th) and there you know it's Midnight.

    3. Continue winding the time forward until it's set correctly, remember of course that this particular watch is a 12 hour piece and therefore if it's the afternoon (i.e. 12:00pm or later) you need to wind it past 12 again.

    That should see you right and ensure that you have the right date/time and that your date will click over at (o around) midnight instead of midday!!

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