Stowa Antea 390 w/COSC upgrade has arrived!

Thread: Stowa Antea 390 w/COSC upgrade has arrived!

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    Stowa Antea 390 w/COSC upgrade has arrived!

    Several weeks ago, I penned my first post at Watchuseek in which I asked for comments on a first german watch buy — based on your collective experience and expertise — from the following wish list:
    Limes Klassik Cartouche Silver Dial
    Sinn 656 on Strap
    Muhle Glashutte Mercurius Silver Dial
    MeisterSinger No. 01 Manual Wind Tan Dial
    Nomos Ludwig Alpha Sapphire Back

    Comments were very incisive, and the fact that my list did not include a Stowa and Damasko seemed to be an almost consensus opinion.

    And so I hit the books again; and again. And on a Sunday night, July 7, 2008, I pulled the trigger and ordered a Stowa Antea 390 with the COSE upgrade.

    This afternoon — only 19 days later! — my first german watch arrived. I am enthralled!

    Many thanks to Jörg and Viveca Schauer, and the STOWA Team for their superb craftsmanship and for their exemplary customer service! (Enjoy that vacation!) And many thanks to those who assisted me in this purchase through their expertise and counsel.

    I will snap some photos this weekend and post them real soon.

    Now, onto the quest for my next german watch purchase! :thanks

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    Re: Stowa Antea 390 w/COSC upgrade has arrived!

    Congrats - can't wait to see those pics!

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    Re: Stowa Antea 390 w/COSC upgrade has arrived!

    Welcome to the Stowa Owners Club

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