Stowa Antea for female wrist - too large?
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Thread: Stowa Antea for female wrist - too large?

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    Stowa Antea for female wrist - too large?

    I'm seeking some advice, experience, photos, etc. My fiance likes Bauhaus style watches and she pointed out the Aristo Dessau, however I fear that the 38.5mm case will be too large for her small wrists. I don't have an exact wrist measurement, but they are definitely smaller than my 6.5 inch wrists.

    That brought me to the Stowa Antea collection, wherein you can find them in a 36.5mm or 35.5mm, but based on the pictures, those still seem to wear very large. I do have a Seiko 5, which is a 37mm, which she has tried on before and it didn't seem too large - however the Antea still seems to wear larger that the Seiko, at least based on pictures.

    Any females out there with the Antea in 36.5 or 35.5? Or are there any other bauhaus watches out there that are significantly smaller? I think Nomos is out of the question at this point, as I would like to keep it under $1,000 USD.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Stowa Antea for female wrist - too large?

    Women call pull of the big watch look, but when I let my wife try on my 38mm, it looked like a satellite dish on her IMHO. My wrists are only 6.75".

    It can be done, just depends on how big she likes her watches.
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    Stowa Antea for female wrist - too large?

    Agreed, I think it would look plenty fashionable, it's whether she will be OK with what will be a full sized watch for a woman. It's a great watch though, I own a 390. I'm currently looking for watches for my wife and daughter. Probably needs to be Quartz.

    So no I do not think it will be too large for her conceptually, and with a strap it's quite light. But whether she will want to wear a big watch, keep it powered up or want to take the time to reset if she takes it off for long periods because it's too bulky or doesn't fit her lifestyle.

    Could try one of these Daniel Wellingtons to see if she likes the size and then get her the Stowa if it works out. My daughter requested one of these so that ~36mm size is fashionable for women with slender wrists.

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    Re: Stowa Antea for female wrist - too large?

    The Antea looks quite big but the Antea 390 is slightly too big for my skinny 6,1" wrist so I guess the Antea KS/Antea 365 will fit most of the women's wrists.

    Here is a picture of Jörg's wife with the Antea 365 b2b that was published on Stowa's Facebook page in December.
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    Re: Stowa Antea for female wrist - too large?

    Nice, thanks for the pics for reference!

    She actually almost got a DW, but started looking at bauhaus design watches.

    Although I may have found the [almost] perfect solution:

    She actually pointed that one out that it was her favorite (the larger version with the metal mesh strap), but the automatic variants were too expensive. Turns out, Max Bill has a lades specific version that is a 32.7mm. The only downside is that it is a quartz, and she kind of wants an automatic. Regardless, this one is half the price of the auto's, and it will be less hassle.
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    Re: Stowa Antea for female wrist - too large?


    There is still one "pink" Antea B2B 355 left at Advent Calender

    - Handwinding movement Peseux 7001
    - Case of stainless steel, 35.50 mm diameter
    - Exhibition watches, partially with former Antea KS crown
    - new straps
    - 2 years warranty
    - Watch condition as new watch, the blue watch has a hand brushed case (normaly additional cost 120.- Euro)

    Price: EUR 760.- (incl. V.A.T.)
    (instead of the regular price of EUR 950.- (incl. V.A.T.)

    STOWA GmbH & Co.KG
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