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    Re: A Stowa book to come

    ok, i received mine yesterday, im exited, happy but also disappointed.

    I have another hobby in photography so when Stowa mentioned that they are releasing a book, i thought its really a book, as in photobook. I thought it is for sale, but to my suprise its not. I asked to send it to me, and i asked how much should i cover for shipping, because i fully expect it to be big and heavy.... just like those Contact sheet or Sebastiao Salgado / Magnum photobook. Then i was told that it is free. I am happy, then off course Stowa release the pdf copy and i went through them, ok, its like a catalog, but ya, still it will be nice to have photobook.

    Then what i received is a book, true, but not that kind of photobook that i expect. Its informative and full with pictures, but i really expect something more high quality paper and bigger print. All in all, i am not complaining, i am just stating my funny story.

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    Re: A Stowa book to come

    At the risk of sounding like a fan boy, I have not yet received the paper version, but I will say that I am astounded at how great the pdf is. I am really looking forward to the hard copy. Every page reminds me of why I love Stowa watches. Turning the pages is like going back through the joys of when I first started collecting good quality watches. Thanks again to Stowa for an outstanding gift.

    Best regards,


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