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    stowa in Dubai?

    HI Anyone have a idea where I can get a STOWA watch here in Dubai? Are they even available in the middle east?

    Alternatively I'll be in Budapest this summer and may pick one up there, anyone know of a stowa dealer (maybe even second-hand?) in Budapest?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: stowa in Dubai?

    It's been my observation there are two choice for you. You can order directly from Stowa or find a used one listed on the forums. They are listed pretty frequently.

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    Re: stowa in Dubai?

    I am in Oman and I ordered the MO directly from Stowa. They deliver world-wide and are quick to respond to emails. I am expecting delivery end of this month, I have been on the waiting list for a while.

    For insured delivery to Oman, I was charged 69 EUR which is reasonable. I bought many watches from online retailers and all transactions went through fine.

    I suggest that you order it online directly from the manufacturer and get away from the Hassle.

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    Re: stowa in Dubai?

    There´s no deviation from the principle: Stowa watches are sold online only.
    For 2nd hand Stowa watches flick through the multitude of offers for sale on the watch fora (TZ, WUS) and - not to forget - ebay. could be another source.

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    Re: stowa in Dubai?

    Hello,guys.I am also in Dubai(Al Awir).And the same to you that like Stowa. I will get Antea KS! Good luck!

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