Stowa is going to do some special events in the autumn and winter season

Thread: Stowa is going to do some special events in the autumn and winter season

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    Stowa is going to do some special events in the autumn and winter season

    Stowa PR

    The STOWA Manufacture Days

    Experience a few nice hours with STOWA. Visit our production facilities, discuss your passion with like-minded people and indulge in culinary delights.

    Tested and approved.

    In the last 3 years we have had, every now and then, smaller, planned groups over for a visit within the so-called manufactory days. A larger event, the ´STOWA hike`, is now even a STOWA classic with up to 150 people (there are also celebrations in the courtyard). The “Uhrenmagazin” has been with us twice already. As part of the so-called “reader's trip”, we welcomed a small, exclusive group of a maximum of 15 people and were able to serve them to their complete satisfaction. During such manufacturing days, we take a lot of time for you to make your visit to STOWA a lasting experience.

    The objective is simple

    > Passionate conversations and information about watches

    > Deeper insights into history, production and other interesting topics, around the clock.

    The Black Forest House

    For our customer events and manufactory days we have brought a small Black Forest gem back to life in the last 3 years: In walking distance to the main building, with the actual STOWA production and the STOWA museum, we have rebuilt the former guesthouse Schwarzwald for new use. There we have the possibility to talk comfortably about watches, to look over the shoulder of the STOWA watchmaker and to visit a part of the STOWA museum

    Black Forest specialties, a delight

    But we can also spoil you with small, regional dishes. Be it the Black Forest trout fillet or the Swabian Maultaschen with potato salad. The flan with an excellent espresso from the classic sieve carrier machine or a freshly tapped beer from the Black Forest. Our Black Forest stands for untroubled, authentic and honest enjoyment! Simply delicious. On this day all senses are to be addressed.


    > We start at 11 am with a small champagne reception in the STOWA natural stone vaulted cellar with a first round of questions - easy and how the topics arise.

    > Afterwards we have the possibility to have a look at some icons of the STOWA history in the small STOWA museum and to talk about some misunderstandings ("who invented it" ).

    > A watchmaker will also be on site to give us a deeper insight into watchmaking at his workplace - you are also the focus here - we try to answer every question about mechanical movements. A waterproof tester and a timepiece are of course also on site and we can, if necessary, make small tests on your watch.

    Time will fly by

    For lunch we use the cosy lounge of the restaurant Schwarzwald. It has been left in its original design. Here too, a part of the STOWA spirit was implemented: moderately changing without destroying the creative substance or changing it too much (this is the spirit in which Jörg Schauer designs the STOWA watches: modernizing where technically sensible, but preserving the DNA wherever possible).

    After the Black Forest classics (- food), prepared exclusively from regional ingredients, we can eat fresh, continue to discuss watches and then slowly, on foot or by car, make our way to the STOWA main building, which stands out due to its architecture, already from afar.

    Here, already 10 years ago, the foundation stone was laid for a high-quality watch production. For example, the stainless steel facade, which still looks like new after many years, shows the favorite material of the STOWA owner and designer, Jörg Schauer. The extreme longevity of the material is a permanent inspiration for Jörg Schauer and therefore his preferred choice for the cases of the STOWA collection.

    Watch museum

    In the STOWA main building you can visit the actual watch museum, which was created out of an international competition. At the same time you can of course also view new watches.


    As a highlight we also have the possibility to watch the STOWA watchmakers at work and maybe new questions have arisen since the morning?


    At another station of the watch production, a small surprise awaits you, a personal present, which you may take home with you and which will certainly always remind you of these beautiful hours at STOWA.

    New watches, the STOWA collection

    In the end, one or the other may wish to dive a little deeper into our STOWA watch collection. Of course we have this possibility at the end of the official part (about 5 pm). If you already know that you are interested in a certain model, please let us know as soon as possible. We can then in any case prepare the relevant watch for you - with a strap of your choice, too!

    Contribution towards expenses

    The service charge of Euro 60,- for the STOWA Manufacture Day includes ALL services of the day. It will only be exciting again for you if you like one or the other watch.

    >> Manufacture Day, 14th November 2019 (already fully booked)

    >> Manufacture Day, 5th December 2019

    >> Manufacture Day, 16th January 2020

    >> Manufacture Day, 13th February 2020

    >> Manufacture Day, 12th March 2020

    Even if dates for a Manufactory Day are fully booked, it can happen that someone cancels/is ill etc. Therefore, you have the possibility to be put on the waiting list, we will inform you as soon as a spot becomes available on your desired date.

    For more info and reservation:
    Kind regards

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    Re: Stowa is going to do some special events in the autumn and winter season

    Any forum members attending the first Manufacture Day on 11.November?
    I'll be there,


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