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    Stowa HW movements

    Hi all,

    I just noticed that the Stowa AO has a Unitas 6497 movement, while my MO has a 6498. Is higher better, or are there no substantial differences between these two movements?



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    Re: Stowa HW movements

    Both have been made for pocket watches, the 6498 was made for Savonette style and the 6497 for Lepine style. Those are also know as 6-eater and 9-eater according to the position og the sub dial.

    The Stowa FO features a modification (center seconds hand). So far there is a difference in construction.


    Pocket watches are normally classified according to the relationship between the seconds dial and the winding stem. If the two are at positioned at a 90 degree angle then the watch is a savonnette (sometimes spelt "savonette"), if the two are in line then the watch is a lepine (named after Jean-Antoine Lépine). So if, in the case where the seconds dial is at the "6" position, the winding stem on a lepine will be at "12" and on a savonnette at "3".
    The Lepine style of pocket watch is held upright for reading. It does not usually have a cover so it has a scratch-resistant face covering.

    Some more info here:
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