Stowa MO strap on FO watch?

Thread: Stowa MO strap on FO watch?

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    Stowa MO strap on FO watch?

    Because I wanted a quality leather strap that would accept a single-fold deployant, and would fit on my small wrist (6.75") I have ordered my Flieger Original with the Chronosoft 22 x 18 strap (black nappa leather with white stitching) that comes with the Marine Original watch. This strap is 115 x 85 long (and will accept the double-fold Stowa clasp, but I cannot wear double-folds). The strap looks like it's made by DiModell, or perhaps by Rios, for Stowa (just a guess).

    Anyone have that combination of watch and strap? Anyone have good pictures of the strap on the MO?

    I have a few other strap options on hand, such as a 22 x 20 DiModell strap that can work with a single-fold deployant. I don't like buckles (they kill straps and are less secure). As you may know, the newer Original strap is unusually long and I don't like the abrupt width change; and while the Old Style does come in a short version, I just don't like the way it looks (no contrasting stitching and thinner leather).

    Thanks, in advance.
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