Stowa MO vs. Steinhart Marine Chronometer

Thread: Stowa MO vs. Steinhart Marine Chronometer

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    Stowa MO vs. Steinhart Marine Chronometer

    Do they both use the same movement, if so, what makes the Stowa twice as much?

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    Re: Stowa MO vs. Steinhart Marine Chronometer

    There is more to a watch than the base movement alone.
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    Re: Stowa MO vs. Steinhart Marine Chronometer

    If you want to compare you should rather compare Stowa Marine and Steinhart Marine Premium (and you will notice that price difference is much smaller). Second thing is there was a lot of such discussions relating price differences between watches (let's say 'value for money'). Try to dig the forum and I am quite sure you will get answer... my understanding of that is that three is no simple answer to such question and at the the end of the day you have to answer to yourself whether you want to pay the price for the watch you want to have... for me... I want a lot of them :)
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    Re: Stowa MO vs. Steinhart Marine Chronometer

    They both use a unitas movement but with different levels of finish, the Stowa having the Unitas with the higher level of refinement. There are many other differences,quality of case,case finish,fire blued hands,polished dial,etc. all adds up to a more refined watch and higher cost. I have seen the steinharts and the sandwich dials look cheap. They are however less money and if that is your true concern,then maybe that watch company would be a better fit for you. I feel that Stowa offers the superior watch and thus warrants the added cost. I mean how do you truely justify a watch like a IWC costing tens of thousands of dollars? When do you say that you are nolonger buying a watch and instead just buying a name.

    We all justify the money we spend whether its for a five hundred dollar watch or a fifty thousand dollar watch. I cannot afford watches in the IWC, Lange and Son etc. price range. Thats why I like the Stowa so much, it gives me many things that the higher end watches give their owners. Stowas are exclusive, you won't find one out of a crowd of a hundred people, they are well made,with high quality components in a very attactive package. They also have a watch making heritage,not a johnny come lately selling one thing and professing it is another.

    If the Steinhart works for you and it fits your budget, buy the watch!

    Good Luck,


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