Stowa Old style strap, length? +pics?

Thread: Stowa Old style strap, length? +pics?

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    Stowa Old style strap, length? +pics?

    I'm thinking about buying a brown "Old style strap" from Stowa for my Sinn 356. But I have very small wrist, so I wonder how long the two parts of the strap are?

    I have searched the net and this forum for a wristshot of any watch using that particular strap but I haven't found any. If anyone have a wristshot of the "Old style strap" I'd really appreciate if you posted it here...

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    Re: Stowa Old style strap, length? +pics?

    These are quick measurements, from the end of the buckle to watch 95mm, long strap , about 135mm to watch.

    It is a beautifully made strap, straight from new, supple amd comfortable.

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    Re: Stowa Old style strap, length? +pics?

    I have a 16 cm wrist and I can use the strap you want to buy.

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