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    Stowa Seatim

    I have been idle on my watch hobby for the last couple of years but have the itch again. One of the watches I am looking at is the Stowa Seatime. I had one of these several years ago and while I loved the look I recall it as having a stainless steel case and with the metal bracelet was fairly heavy. Looks like it now comes with a titanium case and with the rubber strap,which would be more appealing. It also looks like the wait time has shrunk considerably. I also remember it as wearing quite large even on my 7.5 inch wrist. Still, I like the watch and maybe with the rubber strap the size would seem smaller or is that just wishful thinking?
    if the size is just too much for me my other choice is going to be the 41mm Flieger with small second hand. Kind of hard to go wrong here but two very different watches.
    Any thoughts?

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    I own a titanium Seatime and can tell you the weight is indeed very manageable. Has a nice solid feel with a medium heft but for it's size almost seem light in a way. I don't have any experience with it in anything but the rubber strap that it came on but I do hear that the metal bracelet does indeed make the watch longer by e few millimetres.

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    Re: Stowa Seatim

    Enjoyed having the Seatime Ti (sold it recently... wanted to try something new). Very comfortable and size fit with my 6 7/8 wrist well. Nothing but good to say about the Seatime but I am now just preferring fliegers (Stowas: 40mm, 41mm, T02...and a Damasko 38 black).
    The 41mm Flieger is simply fantastic. Very versatile. Loving the hand-wound movement, 12mm height, 67g weight (head only), C3 lume is excellent (same as the Seatime). Can't go wrong with the 41mm.
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    Re: Stowa Seatim

    Ti bracelet or rubber strap makes much more balanced and eliminates alot of the weight that model is known for on a stainless bracelet.

    Still, it is a stout dive watch and not for the smaller or light of wrist, IMHO.
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