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    Stowa Seatime metal bracelet

    I got a seatime metal bracelet but there were no spare links included and it also was already shortened.

    Could you tell me the original full length (#of links) of a Seatime bracelet that I get an idea how much of them are missing?

    By the way: Is there a chance to get the clasp work more smoothely? I really miss the usual pushbuttons of other metal bracelets.

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    Re: Stowa Seatime metal bracelet

    I can't remember how many links are on the Seatime bracelet. I sold it. Sorry you received one too short and missing the extra links. Someone will chime in with a link count.

    As for the clasp - it is made to never come loose on your wrist. You can bend the friction locks out a bit so it will be easier to manage on both on the clasp and the security lock. I hope you don't break a fingernail in the meantime

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    Re: Stowa Seatime metal bracelet

    1. The # of links of my Seatime bracelet are 19. My wristsize is 18cm, so Jörg has removed 4 links for me, but the links were inside the parcel.

    2. send the bracelet to Jörg, he will do it a little bit "smooth" but on your own risk. I like the hard way to open the clasp cause i'm sure it really fits

    Bye, Klaus

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