Unique DUROWE Calendar :-) please have a look

Thread: Unique DUROWE Calendar :-) please have a look

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    Unique DUROWE Calendar :-) please have a look

    Hello everybody,

    in Basel we will present a very special and unique item:

    The Durowe Calendar !

    A very difficult and precision work of an Artist who has worked since months on this unique and very exclusive piece.

    We have printed this Piece Of Art on realy good paper and the size is huge: 70 cm x 49 cm .-)

    The calendar is limited to 200 pieces and i will sign each piece.

    We will sell the calendar in the Shop after Basel (around 40.-Euros) and i also will make a give away for some special offers we will do in the next weeks.

    I think (not decided yet .-)) i will give the calendar to those who order for example one of our new items we present in Basel.

    We hope to launch all new items on Wednesday/Thursday in the new Onlineshop .-)

    Wednesday we will launch the new items with pictures on our special side SCHAUER - Basel 2011.

    We also send a newsletter after we have launched the new Durowe side with the pictures of the new Durowe movement: DUROWE - Deutsche Uhrenrohwerke.

    So - the next days will bring some exciting news. .-)

    Please be patience if we don´t reply as fast as normal if you have questions about the news or the calendar.

    Tonight and Wednesday we have to prepare the rest of our basel items and many other things belonging to Basel.

    But we also can answer in Basel after Thursday, we have laptop and Ipad with us and we will answer step by step all the questions.

    Here are some screenshots from the calendar, starting on April - ending Decembre, a 3/4 calendar .-)

    Best regards

    Jörg Schauer

    See you in Basel !

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    Re: Unique DUROWE Calendar :-) please have a look

    Beautiful artwork. I kept hoping that green thing would turn out to be a beautiful little mechanical alarm clock... Great work. Good luck in Basel.


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