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    Visiting Stowa

    To those of you that have visited the Stowa manufacture, I had a few questions. I am thinking about the possibility of picking up my Airman Original later in the summer in person. Where would one fly into Germany from the usa? And how far would the trip be to Englesbrand? Is it an area of Germany I could explore and is it far from the other classical German watchmaking areas? I would love to visit Stowa and see where these terrific watches are created and meet Jorg, if possible. I hope you all have a good day. Stephen

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    Re: Visiting Stowa

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    Where would one fly into Germany from the usa?
    Frankfurt or Stuttgart
    From Stuttgart it will take 1h by car , from Frankfurt 2 1/2hours. Engelsbrand is close to Pforzheim (about 20Min by car). You can easily vistit the Black Forest and the German Watch Museum in Furtwangen (
    You can also try to arrange visits at BENZINGER and LACO.

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    Re: Visiting Stowa

    Well you would start from Stuttgart airport (or take a train from Frankfurt to Stuttgart) for an about one hour drive.
    (just check Google Maps)

    The Stuttgart region is more or less an industrial region; of course there are nice and interesting places, but I would not say it's the first thing you have to see when visiting Germany. (If you are a fan of Porsche and Mercedes then it would be another story for sure)

    The classical german area of watchmaking is Glashütte (sorry to say but the times of Pforzheim are gone....). There are a couple of possibilities like guided tours, the museum and the like.

    I don't want to kill any illusions but in case you are not planning to spend your summer holiday discovering Germany (probably also something in Switzerland related to watches) I think you better go for the regular Fedex option....

    I think you can get a good impression of the company when reading the detailed reviews of some guys that have visited Engelsbrand and after they have moved to the new building I'm sure it won't also take long till new impressions will be posted here.
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