When to service (Stowa Antea 390)

Thread: When to service (Stowa Antea 390)

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    When to service (Stowa Antea 390)

    I'm going to check out a Stowa Antea 390 tomorrow. I've wanted an Antea for a long, long time but didn't have the spending cash for a new one, so have been waiting for a used one to pop up locally. A 390 popped up a few days ago and the current owner dates it to may 2006. What's the going service time for an Antea 390? 3 years, 5 years? Should I take that into account when I make a bid, or do these Stowa's run reliably over longer periods? Thanks for your help guys!

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    Re: When to service (Stowa Antea 390)

    It is about 5 years + x. I own some automatic watches which haven´t been serviced for 10 years and they are still running. But I don´t wear them on a daily basis. So it is all about wear and tear.

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