Why buy Stowa?

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    Why buy Stowa?

    Hi - have been looking at the Stowas and appreciating the info on this thread.

    If you had to convince me why I should consider buying a Stowa Pro over other similar watches at similar prices, what would you say.

    This is a Genuine question - with so many options & a limited budget, I want to buy sensibly and would appreciate why you chaps have gone for the Stowa.



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    Re: Why buy Stowa?

    Well, a good question but not to answer in one sentence.

    To own a Schauer or Stowa watch for me means to own something special.
    Jörg Schauer isn´t a watchmaker he´s a watch maker (quote taken from iWmagazine april 2006 because I like it and the quote is true).
    Jörg Schauer/Stowa stands for
    * exclusivity (in regard to the small annual output)
    * special design
    * passion (Jörg´s passion is to produce fine timepieces) and enthusiasm
    * quality (you´ll hardly find someone who has complaints regarding quality)
    * excellent customer service (read this forum )

    What´s important to me is that Jörg´s watches are made in Germany, most parts are form Germany (disregarding the swiss movements which will be - on demand - upgraded by chronometer specs or blued screws, dispaly backs, several bezels in different colours. He´s a perfectionist and his watches are unbeatable in regard of the pricepoint.

    Jörg and his staff are always in contact with their customers. The first Seatime came into existance on a German Watch Forum, the Prodiver was
    kinda logical further development based on a customer`s (diver) draft (click here to read more).
    Stowa also stands for "Pride". Like iW pointed out: Pride in his location is something else that characterizes Jörg Schauer. Pforzheim has a long tradition of watchmaking and Jörg became part of it.

    With every Stowa you are buying a watch which is Made in Germany, furthermore it´s made with a special kind of understanding/combination of watchmaking, tradion and craftsmanship - they are made by sense and sensibilty.

    Hope this will answer your question (partly maybe). Buy it and you´ll love it.
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    Re: Why buy Stowa?

    i underline the comment from Mike completely and absolutely.

    if you have a Stowa (or a Schauer) you will know why we love them


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    Re: Why buy Stowa?

    Mike has expressed the thoughts of many of us perfectly.

    I have 20 watches, of which 8 are from the current Schauer/Stowa range - I have 2 more on order as well.

    Their responses to mail are quick couteous, and like a number of others I have been over to his workshops - an ejoyable day tip for me from the UK.

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    Re: Why buy Stowa?

    Because you get a top-notch, high quality watch that is distinctive, stylish, different and not everyone owns.

    I have bought 2 Stowas in the past 2 months (not the Pro-diver, though), and I have NO regrets. Quite the opposite. :gold

    Look at the thread https://forums.watchuseek.com/showthread.php?t=11404
    That combo is just SO good.
    Best regards, Frode

    Laco WUS LE 09/50
    Stowa Airman
    Stowa Antea
    Custom RN Diver
    Poljot Kirova
    Poljot Strela
    Poljot Aviator I
    Sturmanskie Civil
    Seiko SKX007
    Citizen Nighthawk
    Marathon Navigator
    Vostok WRR Amfibia LE
    Vostok Amfibia

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    I bought a Stowa and would buy another one!!!

    When I received my Stowa Pro Diver, I was truly overwhelmed with the quality of the watch. Everything about it speaks of high quality from the details in the dials, to the design, to the quality of the composition of the complete watch. It is just a beautiful piece that reeks of quality, I dont know how else to put it. Stephen


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    Re: Why buy Stowa?

    I have been lucky enough to own a wide range of watches over the years and IMHO Stowa provides the best value bar none.

    There are a whole raft of good cheap divers out there especially by Seiko but the Prodiver is not just some assembly line piece it is a watch that has been "touched" by the hands,heart and mind of a master watchmaker at a mass production pricepoint there is no where else you can get that (and my advice is get it while the price is good)


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    Re: Why buy Stowa?

    Because Stowa is one of those rare examples where good design, valuable tradition, excellent craftmanship and functionality blend in an unique way to an affordable cost.

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    Re: Why buy Stowa?

    All of the above. This is a watch that you can afford, that will serve you as promised, that will continue to delight the senses and intellect because of the genuineness of its design and the competence of its execution. This is a personal watch with a heart, not a faceless item from an assembly line. I own several watches, many of which get admiring compliments. My Stowa Antea just makes people stop ... and smile in mute admiration and not a little wonder -- they just can't find the right words. --redstart

    Quote Originally Posted by Trogg
    Because Stowa is one of those rare examples where good design, valuable tradition, excellent craftmanship and functionality blend in an unique way to an affordable cost.

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