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    Yes, I got mail...

    I happily received a charming note from Ms. Hafner this morning advising that my AO Serial will be ready to ship within a short time - the ubiquitous "two weeks". I won't hold them to that prediction, but it is heartening to know that it will be sooner rather than later.

    For those who are trying to calculate where they fall on the delivery schedule, I can say that I placed my reservation in the middle of February, 2008. At the time, I was advised that the proposed delivery was approximately June, and 200 pieces had been ordered ahead of me. I do not make these remarks to embarrass Herr Schauer or Ms. Hafner regarding their ability to deliver watches on time (forgive bad pun please!) but so persons interested can assess their own situations and perhaps get a better idea of when theirs will be ready to enjoy.

    I had also misinterpreted the colour of the "new" old style band. In many of the pictures, this shows as a black strap. It is not. The choices are either light or dark brown.

    I wish you all a happy humpday!
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    Great news.

    Thank you for the update and sharing the details.

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