7S26 power reserve and removing hands question.
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Thread: 7S26 power reserve and removing hands question.

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    7S26 power reserve and removing hands question.

    Hi, I am new to modding and would like to try my hands at switching hands (please excuse the pun) after getting my first watch toolkit and successfully swapping out crystals and chapter ring.

    My question is this: since the 7S26 is not hackable, is there a way to stop the hands so that I can remove them easily? Like a lever or switch to press to stop the movement and/or release the power reserve? Or do I have to let the whole power reserve run dry until I can touch the hands?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: 7S26 power reserve and removing hands question.

    From my experience you can remove and replace the hands without deleting the peer reserve without damaging them but it's probably best to let it drain.

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    Re: 7S26 power reserve and removing hands question.

    You can let the mainspring down by using a screwdriver on the ratchet wheel screw and disengaging the click spring. Let the screwdriver rotate slowly.
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