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    7s26 Seconds Hand

    Hi all. I知 doing my first mod on an SNZG13 and somehow pulverized the stem of the seconds hand when trying to mount it. I壇 prefer not to have to buy another full set of aviator-style hands (I知 doing a Sinn-esque aviator mod) just to use the one I need. I致e found a few places online that sell just seconds hands, but not finding quite what I知 looking for. I知 wondering if the community has any hidden-gem type resources for acquiring such an item for a Seiko 7s26 / 7s36 / or comparable.

    Something like this second hand would be perfect (image from ............com)...

    Appreciate any help!

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    Re: 7s26 Seconds Hand

    When i first seen the title i thought it was going to be about buying a second hand seiko skx with the 7s26 movement but i know now that it is not . modding watches is great they look fantastic it,s amazing what can be done with them . but me i would rather leave it to the professionals that know what they are doing . me personally it would never change any watch as it loses it originality and that,s where the value lies . i hope someone on the forum can help you out . B.O.L.
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