I bought a Seiko SUN053P1 Prospex Last year, anyway its GMT and i am not enjoying the watch because my old eyes cant tell the difference between the hour hand (gold) and the GMT hand (silver) especially if its night time and i'm going by the lume, and also a quick glance just irritates me as it ends up not being quick.Its a nice watch and comfortable to wear but its not getting wrist time so i thought i could just remove the GMT hand and every thing would be Fine. Is there anything wrong with my idea? i think i know how to go about it and i have a back remover and a hand tweezer thingy. I even have a hand setting pusher tool on its way. Can you see any problems i might encounter bearing in mind that the total sum of my experience is i changed a battery once, but i am a practical guy (retired carpenter) and have built drones from parts, not kits, before they became fashionable, i have even built the controller(computer) from transistors and things so not afraid of a challenge. But i thought i would be sensible(not normally my strong point) and check with the experts, so here i am.
Oh and Happy New Year everyone!!!