I am looking to try my hand at modding stainless steel cases and was curious if you folks have recommendations for where to buy some at a good price but are authentic Seiko. I don't mind if they are modern or vintage, but ideally NOS so the rest of the case is in good condition without restoration. I have a preference for popular dive models as those tend to be the most modded, and the SRP777 Turtle I also own is especially appealing to me to work on with it's large cushion case. In short I'm going to be replicating the hammered design from some Grand Seikos onto more standard issue pieces that folks can afford.

I'm also debating if I should just buy a used Turtle for $150-200 on eBay, have somebody take them apart, I do my work, then reassemble as a whole watch rather than offer just the cases? I do somewhat still lean towards case-only as that allows the eventual client to do whatever they want with the dial, hands, crown, crystal and so on.