Blue AR? Why?

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    Blue AR? Why?

    So I am very new to modding. I just bought an SKX and I'm trying to decide how best to mod it. The domed crystal seems like a no brainer but most of the domed crystals I see have a blue AR tint. I don't understand why you would want that? It seems from the pics I'm seeing it reflects a blueish light back. I've seen some that are red now too.

    I just don't understand the draw? I'm sure there is a benefit here that I'm not understanding. Please someone enlighten me. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Blue AR? Why?

    Glad I'm not the only one thinking this.

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    Re: Blue AR? Why?

    I think some of the tints from AR coating are simply a by-product of that coating, not a feature that people are necessarily trying to get.

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    Re: Blue AR? Why?

    There are some companies now using a clear AR tint, but I have not handled a watch with that to compare it to any other type. Seems like it would be nice, but I think some people intentionally want a colored AR coating for the look it gives.

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    Re: Blue AR? Why?

    It's purely cosmetic. Sapphire crystals don't "look" the same way as regular glass; so there's usually an AR (anti-reflective coating). The blue is a very light tint; without the blue but a clear AR coating, the sapphire crystal would look exactly the same as a mineral glass.

    I have an older Tag with clear AR sapphire crystal, you can't tell visually if it's sapphire or mineral glass.

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