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    Chapter Ring for SKX031

    Iím currently building a 62MAS tribute using a SKX031 case. I have the hands and dial but Iím struggling with the chapter ring. I have a brushed aluminium one but when I put it in, it covers the minute track on the dial. I really need an ultra slim chapter ring which doesnít impinge on the dial a great deal. I did see someone who had got a precision engineer on eBay to make a custom ring for this purpose but I canít for the life of me find it now.

    Any help appreciated. Cheers.

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    Re: Chapter Ring for SKX031

    I too am looking for several 27mm ID chapter rings for my SKX031s. I did some digging and can't seem to find an easy solution other than trying to encourage somebody to make some one-offs.

    Seems basically all compatible dials are 28.5mm diameter, but there are two different IDs for Seiko dial clearance: 26mm (what we have with our SKX031) and 27mm (the bigger image dials).

    I did find the attached and am trying to track down where the "thin" grey chapter ring in the photos came from.

    I'm wondering if we could take a chapter ring from another watch with a 30mm OD and 27mm ID and "remove" about 1/2mm all the way around to get it to the 29mm OD we need. Easier that than to try to remove material on the slope of a SKX031 ring that will be visible.

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