I would appreciate your feedback on this one-
I recently bought an Aqualand CO22 from the bay.
Once I installed three new batteries (SW920) the following happened:
a. The watch started ticking.
b. The digital screen didn't respond (blank).
c. The seconds hand sometimes jumps in the same position. I suspect it might be related to the orientation of the entire watch.
d. When closing the caseback, the watch starts beeping continuously and nonstop.
e. I should add that I suspect that the Set button might be stuck.

So, as for: a. Great! b. I can live without the digital screen, unless you think there's a simple solution. c. What do you think, is that a mechanical issue. If so, self repairable ?
d. I can basically isolate the inner side of the case and solve this, but I would like to solve to root of the problem. e. I should add that I have a mechanical watches and clocks repair background, but zero experience with Quartz.
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Thank you so much ! Any help would be appreciated !